Posted By Stacey on February 4, 2016

Me_Seduire_Model_Shoot-019[1]Ever since I started shooting boudoir (waaaay back in 2009) I have had a dream to photograph high end lingerie for a catalog or company. With every Anthropologie catalog that came in the mail I imagined the beautiful backdrops and models in stunning clothing. I imagined using my creativity to capture the high end look that they showcased as their brand. Business, fortunately for me, picked up from the beginning though and I put that little dream on a cloud to hang out for a little while so I could focus on boudoir as a business.

This takes me to last year when I received an email from Trice who was making her dream come true to open a high end lingerie boutique named Me Séduire, meaning “Seduce Me” in French. Seriously, how sexy is that name alone?! You probably know where this is going…and to say I was excited when she asked me to photograph the lingerie for her I was on that cloud, holding my dream and hugging it, and knowing that things all work out. She loved my images and my brand and wanted to network and after working through the details the big day came.

First, I loved working with a local female owned business. Not only that but her story is so real and Bottom main replacementrelatable. When she brought the lingerie to my studio the first time to photograph on its own for social media usage she brought along her twins. She recounted how proud they were of her and on so many occasions when she got overwhelmed and wanted to give up they pushed her and told her she couldn’t give up and that she had to make her dream come true. Still working a full time job, she did push through and is making that dream come true and I have been honored to be a small part of it.

She wanted to showcase the lingerie on her website and in a lookbook with a model photographed by me and different than the catalog images that comes from the brands. Although they were beyond stunning she wanted a more organic feel so together we decided on a model (Joanne is actually a makeup artist and stylist for Simply-Boudoir as well) and the big day arrived. Joanne is a professional model outside of her makeup career and I loved her energy and look and as soon as the camera was on her I knew we had made the perfect decision. This was my first time ever working with a professional model and holy cow, I swear she did half the work for me. We moved flawlessly through the day, throughout different looks, and with Jade’s epic styling that day and many laughs, we were all in the clouds at the end of the day.

At the end of the shoot we chatted about hosting a pre-launch lingerie party at my studio which we threw the first weekend of December. I opened it to past, present, and future clients and we served wine, snacks, and ladies walked around showcasing, trying on, and purchasing new lingerie. It was so much fun and while I was sadly too busy to take any photos that evening I know everyone that came can attest to how high end and luxurious the lingerie is.

Trice launched her website (the boutique will be online only for the first year or so) and has given me a special discount to those interested in purchasing something pretty. Whether you’re a new bride or a badass edgy chick (or both), there’s something for everyone, so go check it out!

Thank you again, Trice, for coming to me to be a part of your dream and without knowing it, fulfilling one of my own. I am so excited to see this new adventure take off for you and know that you are so deserving. Until our next shoot…



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